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Perhaps one of our most asked questions is what does home care cost? Well before we get into caregiver costs in Los Angeles we need to know what the case of the client is. Not everyone is going to have the same rates as there are so many factors that play into home care rates. For example let us say you have an elderly mom name Sarah and all you need is 4 hours a day for companion care. You are looking at a rate of $ 24 dollars per hour for a caregiver. But now let us say you need someone for 8 hours per day for that same companionship type care you are now looking at a rate of just $ 22 dollars per hour. If you go as far as a 12 hour shift you get the rate for $ 20 dollars per hour. Please remember CA law requires anything over 8 hours is Time and half ( 1.5x). We also require a week deposit up front based on what hours you need. For example if you need companionship care for 12 hours a day at the rate of $ 20 dollars per for 5 days per week here is how your cost would be broken down.

8 hours (x) $ 20 = $ 160 dollars

4 Hours Overtime is $ 20 (x) ( 1.5-Time And Half) = $ 30 dollars (x) 4 = $ 120 dollars

So a 12 Hour Shift Would Cost $ 160 dollars (+) $ 120 dollars = $ 280 dollars

So if you are doing this by 5 days per week your cost weekly is $ 280 dollars (x) 5 days = $ 1,400.00 dollars


Now if you decide to break down the shift to two people for 6 hours each you avoid the overtime.

6 hours ( x) $ 20 = $ 120 dollars

6 hours (x) $ 20 = $ 120 dollars

so 12 hour shift is now just $ 240 dollars

$ 240 dollars ( x) 5 days + $ 1,200 dollars


The cost difference is $ 200 per week or $ 800 per month or $ 9,600,00 dollars per year.


How to Start Caregiving Services

  1. Care Needs – You can fill out our Home Care Assessment form. It is important that you fill out as much as possible. This way we can get a caregiver who can meet your caregiving needs and match your schedule.
  2. Finding Caregivers – Give us at least 3 days to find the right caregiver for your specific needs.



Skilled Home Health Care (Medical)


Cost of Medical Home Health Care – Covered through Medicare/Medical

What does Home Health Care offer?

  • Nurses – Monitors diabetes, injections, ostomy care, monitors vital signs, coordinates with doctor to manage medication and effectiveness.
  • Physical Therapy –  Provides assistance with development and restoration of joint functions. Assists with muscle weakness and balance.
  • Occupational Therapy – Helps patient with self care and develop skills that may be vital to every day living.
  • Speech Therapy -Assists with impaired communication skills and eating.
  • Home Health Aides –  Certified aides to assist with personal care and assistance. Medicare only covers 1 hour of assistance 2 to 3 days a week. If you need more hours look at our non medical home care services.
  • Dietary Services – Registered dietitian provides counseling and plans to fit the need of the patient.



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